Friday, August 6, 2010

My Mother's love letter

Through the years, it was my "Mama Viki" who encouraged, challenged and uplifted us - her children - with words of comfort.

But with the situation she is in right now, how can I return back the favor?


My dear children,
Time runs so fast and I almost cannot believe that everything will really pass. I keep on telling you lahat ng bagay lilipas even in my sharing with others. But when the reality comes where you are the one concern, the reality sometimes become a "pain". Seldom we talk seriously with each other and I did never open up to you my fears. All you see in me is a mom tough and strong and probably, you haven't seen me in tears before the Lord.
With the situation where our bank is being acquired by a bigger bank, pasensiya na kayo, if I have to share with you what I feel now. Maybe because, I need to pour out my inner self and I have nothing left as my comfort but all of you and the Lord. Thanks God He taught me to face all life struggles with faith & confidence.
Now that my career is already at its sunset, I thank God because He help me out to bring you up to where you should be. I don't have financial wealth to pass on to you but a faith that God will give the best each one of you deserves.
I still have some dreams supposedly for our family but only God knows if this dream will still be fulfilled. I do not know what will come next in a month or two. I just hope and pray for God's intervention.
Grace, you are my single child who could directly help me now in terms of finances. May God contine to lead you and put you in a company where He could prosper and make you a fullfilled person. I trust Joy & Poy that you always have ready & helping hand for Beo to reach his goal.
Above all, may all of us continue to rely and trust God because only He knows our future. You might be contended with what you have now but when the reality comes in . . . the reality of facing the unknown, only trust and faith in God remain. That's why I keep on emphasizing, make our God your partner in every way, never to set Him aside.
In passing, let be our family an example of having a Christian faith. Never break this because God has been faithful to us through the years despite our human weknesses, failures and limitations.
I find the ease now because, I am able to share with you what I feel. We might be distant away from each other but the spirit of love brings us closer together.
Let's continue altogether to shine for Jesus, the author & finisher of our faith.




My tears can't help but fall as I read my mother's letter.
I believe God still has greater things in store for her...


  1. I remember that Sunday morning, when we still belong to the same local church. You testified that though your mother radiates a strong personality, she would often weep before the Lord in private.

  2. You are indeed so blessed to have a mother that truly loves the Lord.